The Bouquinistes Mobile, drawings by Adam Brown

The project brings together three text-based artists living in the Ottawa area through a platform developed by a local artist whose work can be characterized as social practice, enabling each to present their work in a dynamic way to an audience that might not necessarily be an art audience.

Inspired by the artist Adam Brown’s Friendship Library, a 2014 installation on the grounds of the Arts Court which provided a temporary shelter and transformed public space into a site of cultural activity, the Bouquinistes Collective have made it their mandate to provide an accessible experience of art. The Bouquiniste Mobile can be maneuvered to capitalize on opportunities for public engagement and disseminate artworks where people gather, at parks, festivals and other events.

Like the Bouquinistes of Paris from which the group takes its name, used booksellers on the banks of the Seine, the Bouquinistes of Ottawa mean to operate outside of official channels and contribute to the circulation of ideas.

About us

The Bouquinistes collective, Michael Davidge, Mana Rouholamini and Guillermo Trejo, have individually been pursuing art practices in Ottawa for a number of years and in that time their paths have crossed and they have noted similar interests and affinities in their work. This project is their first time working together as a group.

Where to find us

Please join us on July 6th 2019 at Enriched Bread Artist for our project launch. For more information please visit our Facebook event page.

Look for us in various locations later in 2019. Details to be announced soon.

We welcome any suggestions.

Thank you

The Bouquinistes collective gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa.

Thank you The Enriched Bread Artists and Carl Stewart for your support in launching our project.



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